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Hey folks, I’m going to feature a little video whilst I beaver away at work. I found this video on how neon signs are made very interesting, being a massive fan of neon signs (check back here) its interesting to see how the industry has thrived and how it is seen as such a craft in the likes of Hong Kong and other Asian locations.


Elana Schlenker is a Brooklyn based graphic designer and art director who specialises in design for print, identities and packaging. 

Featured above is just a handful of Elena’s wonderful work that has a strong influence in beautiful typography, layout and strong art direction. As well as her design work, Elena also creates and curates a typographic magazine full of typographic porn (not real porn) called Gratuitous Type.

You can check out more of Elena’s work here or pick up a copy of Gratuitous Type here.

I’M BACK! So today I’m featuring Darren Haggar a New York based book designer / art director at Penguin Books. Haggar has a very traditional aesthetic that gives his books a very 70’s feel to them with the large bold type old feel photos.

The great thing about Darren is that he also takes awesome photos that you can check out here.

ou can also check out more of Darren’s work here.

Todays feature is Seb Lester atypographic genius from East Sussex. Lester has a very impressive portfolio including Nike, Penguin, Cadbury, Liberty, Ikea, The New York Times, Faber & Faber and Red Bull.

I’ve featured more of Seb’s personal work so if you want to check out more of his work, visit his website here.

IT’S THE WEEKEND! Well the end of it, so finish up your weekend with Sara Wood, wife to Jim Tierney who I featured the other day.

It seems that Sara’s approach to design is very illustration based, with lots of hand drawn imagery and lots of texture to give each piece of her work a certain warmth to it. Not a stranger to good typography, Sara Wood creates some top notch posters and book covers making her a very focused and confident designer.

Another massive gap, but now I’ve got my life sorted out things should go back into fifth gear! So as a comeback I’m going to feature Jim Tierney. Jim is an illustrator / designer from Philadelphia who is now working and living in Brooklyn after two years with Penguin Books, NY.

Jim has some great illustrations and ideas and doesn’t limit himself to just book design, he’s also worked on a number of editorial projects and chapter openings (The Hobbit above.)

For more of Jim’s work visit his website here and keep up to date with him on his blog here.

Nathan Burton is a London-based book designer working freelance for the likes of Penguin, Little Brown, Vintage and many more. As you can see Nathan’s mixes typographic, illustrative and photographic solutions together through collaboration, commissioning and lots of hard work to create a great portfolio of books. 

You can check out more of nathan’s work, including fiction, non-fiction and cookery books on his website.

It’s been a while but I’m back! Today I’m featuring Jon Gall, a US based book designer / art director who creates a great mixture of work. One of his main strengths is collage, which he also has a blog for called Never Always. This has an archive of great collage work that could be used for any fine art / design work.

You can check out more of Jon’s work here to see what else he gets up to.

This is I Love Dust. WhatsI Love Dust you ask? Well they are a multi-disciplinary design studio working on branding packaging, illustration, typographic design and animation (phew!) Situated originally in Southsea, they have also in recent years opened a second studio right here in London. The studio create some fantastic work that I can’t even fathom how they do it, this is why they’ve worked with the likes of Nike, Redbull, Kidrobot, Empire Magazine, Cartoon Network, Ray Ban and most recently Cast Software.

If you like what you see, I urge you to got check out the rest of the teams work here.

I Love Dust Vimeo.

This is Ben Wilkinson, he is a Brooklyn, NY based graphic designer, who is pretty special. After graduating in 2009 Ben started at Mucca and then in the same year moved to Pentagram, he now works at Doyle Partners. This isn’t why I want to feature him though, because outside of Doyle Partners Ben creates some very high class and almost very abstract album art for bands and musicians.

With a mixture of illustration, typography and packaging design Ben creates CD and Vinyl sleeves as well as little extras which really speak out and show what it takes to be a great creative.

If you like Ben’s work, you can check out more here. 

Another great contemporary design exhibition, this time marking the release of the new Star Trek movie. Famous artists, photographers and creatives within the industry were asked to take a blank model of the U.S.S Enterprise and customise it to how ever they wanted.

Such minds as James Franco, Robert Rodriguez, Amanda Vissel, André and many more famous names are featured on the site that you can view here.

Live long and prosper.

Today I made a visit to the Chris Bracey exhibition at Scream Gallery, London. The exhibition titled 'I've looked up to Heaven and been down to Hell' Bracey’s exhibition explores a lot of pop-culture surrounding his life including music, film, literature and other 70s / 80s culture. The show was great for a first solo exhibition and although it was very small it had a lot of presence and understanding as to why he is so popular (he has worked with Tim Burton, Vivienne Westwood and many more.) Below is a short extract about Bracey’s build up to his booming career.  

Bracey’s father was a neon sign-maker, predominantly for fairgrounds and amusement arcades, and Chris learnt how to manufacture and design the neon signs at an early age.  Inspired by the vibrancy and kitsch character of the Soho area in London during the 1970s, Bracey was confident that his designs for the signs would bring a fresh sense of glamour and intrigue to the area.  The work went from strength to strength with every Soho club owner wanting Bracey’s magic touch to revitalize their venues.  During this time Bracey was approached by art director Chris Townsend who introduced him to the world of film and this gave Bracey the autonomy to expand the possibilities of what could be done with neon.  Bracey comments, “Like any work of art, it’s got spirit.  Neon is only happy when it’s on, when it’s alive.

If you like what you see you can check out more of Bracey’s work here, visit  the exhibition or even visit Gods own junkyard, Bracey’s East London studio.

So this is Two Arms Inc. a Brookyln, NY based design and illustration studio consisting of Michael Tabie and Karen Goheen. This dynamic duo, most famous for their silk-screened posters Two Arms has a wide variety of work in their portfolio. This ranges from branding, packaging, custom lettering and of course gig posters.

You can check out more from the studio here and aso follow their blog here.